Cherry Falls Guidelines

These are the Guidelines For Writing In The Cherry Falls Series.  

Please send an email to if you’re interested in joining as a Cherry Falls author.

Guidelines for Writing in the Cherry Falls Series

The following is a contract entered into between _______________ (the author) and Frankie Love and Hope Ford (Cherry Falls creators).  Please read the following, initial each page and sign the bottom that you understand and agree to all terms.

 Author Agrees:

  1. Write an original 20k+ word book that includes characters and settings in the Cherry Falls World.
  2. To not write any existing character in a negative light.
  3. To Choose at least one character from the master list.
  4. To only add new characters that are either a.) the hero or heroine of the story or b.)the author plans to write another story in the future about the new character or c.) if you need to add a limited character. (meaning will only be in one book and will be an antagonist).  Any characters must have approval from Frankie Love or Hope Ford in order to add it to the master character list.  We are wanting characters to keep showing up in future books as extra characters)
  5. To choose a release date from the availability list and enter below.
  6. To Choose a Title for their book in address format.  The numbers are the date of release. (ex. January 5th is 105).  Author then chooses a road from the list or may add a street name to use as their title.
  7. To write a high heat, contemporary romance.
  8. To send the image to Cormar Covers for book cover design. The author is responsible for the price of the cover and will pay Cormar Covers. (approximate price is $105.00 for ebook, $50 for Print).
  9. To publish the book on Amazon and link it to the series page.
  10. To price the book at $2.99 or more
  11. To have the book proofread, edited and formatted at their own expense.
  12. To put the book in KU for at least the first 90 days.
  13. To offer the book in ebook and print form.
  14. To place a link to and the Cherry Falls Facebook group in the back of the published book.
  15. To promote the book with their mailing lists and social media platforms.
  16. To follow the Cherry Falls Facebook group rules and guidelines for posting in the group. 

Cherry Falls World Creators agrees:

  1. To promote the series with the Cherry Falls series mailing lists and on the social media platforms.
  2. To add Cherry Falls authors to the Facebook Group as a Moderator
  3. To add Book and author information to the website

 Author Rights:

  1. The author retains all rights to their written story.
  2. The author understands that other authors may include your character in their books, however, never as a main character. (Once a character is written as a main character it can never be used as a main character again in the Cherry Falls world)
  3. The author understands that the Cherry Falls world is owned by the creators, Frankie Love and Hope Ford, and will be used by them and other authors in their books.

 Cherry Falls World Creators rights:

  1. The creators retain the right to promote any new books in the Cherry Falls series on their own personal mailing lists, personal social media platforms, and the mailing lists of Cherry Falls and its social media platforms.
  2. Cherry Falls world is owned by the creators, Frankie Love and Hope Ford, and will be used by them and other authors in the Cherry Falls series.

Author chooses:

Name of Character(s) Chosen:  ______________________________________

Release Date Chosen:  ________________________________

 Title Chosen:  ________________________________


Please contact Frankie Love and Hope Ford at if you’re interested in joining as a Cherry Falls author.  A contract will be sent to you.