Cherry Falls Information


If this is your first time to Cherry Falls, welcome!  We are happy to have you!

Here is some information on how to get started:

1 – Check out the Guidelines, Character Details and Business Details Pages in the in the PRIVATE “For Authors” section of Cherry Falls

2 – Choose a character from the available characters list that you would like to write about.  


A – Choose two characters from the available list to be the leading man and woman of your book 

B – Choose one character from the available list to be the leading male or female and then create another character to be the love interest.  (If you create a character, make sure you send information to Hope Ford so she can update the character list.  We are asking authors to include any extra characters they need in their books to choose from the character list so that characters keep showing up.)

3 – Choose a Release Date from the available list

4 – Choose a Street Name for your Title.  The numbers of the address are the date (ex. Jan. 5th is 105) and then a street name.

5 – Contact Frankie Love or Hope Ford and let them know you are interested in joining.  They will send you a Guideline contract (see Guidelines Page for example) to sign and send back

6 – Once the contract is complete, get started on your cover and story.

Please let us know if you have any questions!